Avis Corporate

Whether you own or manage a small or a mid-size company (i.e. Small Medium Enterprises), or you are a business traveler who is responsible for your own travel decisions, the needs are similar - Convenience, Service and Value.

At Avis, we are committed to providing a faster, reliable, friendly, consistent and easier car rental service to our customers. Hence we have created Avis Corporate, to help you and your business by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The Avis Corporate program gives small to mid-size companies the most flexible option for car rental. Rent only when there is a need for it, with no contractual obligations. Plus take advantage of great rates in Singapore and around the world!

With the Avis Corporate, you can:

* Enjoy low rental rates - Singapore and overseas * Leisure discount on the Avis SuperValue rates overseas * Save time at the rental desk with the Avis Preferred Service * Online booking

For more information on the Avis Corporate program, contact our sales manager:

Name Alice Yeo
Phone: +65 9187 0091
Email: alice.yeo@avis.com.sg
Web: www.avis.com.sg

From Start ups to Multinationals, Avis Corporate account tailors to your global car rental needs. Enquire Now