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Looking for a car rental solution that doesn't require a long term commitment? Try out Avis Flex, our popular monthly car rental solution trusted by corporate customers and individuals. Whether you are Singaporean or an Expat, save more with this monthly car rental solution today.

Mrs Patricia Makatsaria, Avis Flex Review

Because Singapore is expensive, my husband and I shared the car. We used it primarily for commuting to work and school, running errands and going for excursions.

Being a big tennis family, we enjoy exploring the different tennis courts in Singapore and participating in tennis tournaments. Other places we enjoy going to are the parks in Singapore, MacRitchie Reservoir being one of them, and we made many trips to woodlands as our kids studied at the Singapore American School. This made it logical for us to get a car due to the frequency of the commute compared to taking taxis (which can be very costly).

First, we had a BMW for 1 ½ years with Avis. It met our monthly budget. In the last 6 months of our stay, we got a Nissan Qashqai which is great for moving and transporting our items leading up to us relocating back to USA.

When we were caught with a situation, the customer service was great as well. There was a time I encountered a tire problem and the fleet team reacted pretty fast. Everything was reasonable and I didn't have much trouble. Even if the car is due for servicing, it wasn't a hassle for me because I don't need to drop off the car but there would be an exchange to a replacement car at my convenience.

I was really happy with the service and the salesperson was really accommodating. When I speak to my friends about leasing, I would highly recommend the service Avis offers.

About Patricia Makatsaria
Patricia is originally from the US and her husband is Russian. They are an international family with 3 children. In their stay in Singapore, they enjoyed the Avis Flex service with Avis.

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