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Up to 25% off monthly car rental and lease for Expats in Singapore

If you're moving or have moved to Singapore, a big warm welcome to you.

As the leading international car rental and mobility business in Singapore, Avis understands that there is nothing better than experiencing familiar and quality service paired with the assurance of local expertise and knowledge.

Heard from friends that cars in Singapore are costly and complicated? Compared to car ownership which requires high downpayment and effort on your end, consider car monthly rental and long-term leasing to meet your needs and help you save for your adventures around Singapore! Like our Facebook page to receive recommendations on where to visit and other driving tips now.

Expat Car Rental and Leasing Offers

Up to 25% off Monthly Car Rental*
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Up to 25% off Car Leasing Offers
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Understanding Singapore’s Car Leasing

Moving to a new country may be daunting but we've prepared helpful materials for you in bite sizes to make the process more assuring and simple. If you have other burning questions, our Avis team will be happy to assist you.

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