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3 Ways to Motivate My Child In School

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Image Credit: Ryan Franco

Parents, are you having a hard time encouraging your little tots to study?

How about an incentive trip to keep them motivated?

We've heard of companies awarding employees with lavish incentive trips to reward them for their hard work and such efforts are deemed “top notch for motivating teams” to perform better.

Incentive trips appeals to the curious nature of children young and old. In this day and age where studying amounts to a high level of stress, parents can explore bringing the littles ones to learn and have fun outdoors in a new environment. Why not plan your own short getaway at an incredibly affordable budget?

Here are some great tips to get your little ones excited:

1. Let them plan the incentive trip with you!

Image Credit: Jeshoots.com

Start by assessing and choosing some suitable locations to visit based on how safe these places are, how easy it is to bring a stroller or find a non-spicy food store! To get the kids excited, list down these selected places for your little ones to choose from to give them a sense of involvement and train them to make decisions.

Some of our top recommended destinations are:

  1. Education through Nature:
    1. Within Singapore: Hay Dairies Goat Farm (Lim Chu Kang), Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo (Mandai), Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir

      Image Credit: Hay Dairies Goat Farm

    2. Out to Malaysia: Desaru Fruit Farm, HS Farm (Johor), Sinar Eco Resort (Johor), Strawberry Farms (Cameron Highlands)

      Image Credit: Trang Doan

  2. Theme parks / Indoor Playgrounds:
    1. Within Singapore: Universal Studios Singapore, Wild Wild Wet, Pororo Park (Marina Square), Amazonia (Great World City), Diggersite (Marine Parade)

      Image Credit: Pororo Park Singapore
    2. Out to Malaysia: Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park, Legoland Malaysia, A'Famosa Resort, Lost World Tambun, Genting Theme Park, Desaru Theme Park

      Image Credit: Desaru Coast Malaysia

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2. Set healthy goals and give little rewards along the way

It's awesome to teach children to work hard for what they want but it's important to support them to not leave them disappointed in themselves and further discouraged.

One helpful tip is to encourage them by setting clear goals for your child based on what is within reasonable reach. Giving them the necessary tools to achieve their goals and encouraging them with positive affirmations goes a long way in building your little one up. Here is a structure you can try out:

Image Credit: Pixabay

  1. Acknowledge your child's goodness and potential:
    1. "I'm happy to see you working hard"
    2. "I know it has not been easy, but I believe in you"
  2. Set simple and clear goal
    1. "Complete your homework this week"
    2. "Set a side 1 hour to revise for your test"
  3. Present a little reward
    1. "Shall we plan the rides to take at the theme park?"
    2. "Shall we start packing our bags for our holiday?"

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3. Motivate your child by first being a motivated parent

Holidays are often full-time jobs for parents. That may be the nightmare that you fear. However, there are many ways to make the trip more bearable and even enjoyable.

Renting a car makes a world of a difference for our customers. Children tend to love car rides and even fall asleep in them. Best part is that the shopping, strollers and heavy luggage fit in perfectly.

Image Credit: Gettyimages

Go a step further and try coordinating with your child to make a day in the trip special for your spouse. It could be as simple as treating your spouse to a special meal, or rewarding your spouse with a nice mocktail (since they may not be able to drive and drive) or even giving them some time off! This could go a long way in showing your appreciation for your lifelong companion.

Similarly, you should take necessary breaks to get the rest you need. Remember that taking care of yourself and your marriage helps you in your parenting journey too. This could help you child feel more secure in a loving environment and help them keep motivated in all they do.

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