Choosing the Right Vehicle

Before you start your search, ask yourself these simple guiding questions:

  • Needs & Lifestyle: What is the vehicle used for and how regularly is it used?
  • Length of stay: How long are you staying in Singapore?
  • Price: How much is your budget? What is comfortable for you when it comes to down payment?
  • Size: How many people do you need to ferry on a regular basis?

With answers to these questions, you can discover the arrangements that best fit your situation.

Avis offers a wide array of excellent car lease options, and you may find it advantageous to lease with them. Navigate and find the best arrangement for you:

Needs and Lifestyle

Size, Purpose & Capacity: Use this car type chart to learn which best suits your needs. If you are driving to Malaysia regularly, the long-distance travel may require a car that would gives you security and power. An SUV or luxury car could be a good match. On the flipside, if the car is used for running chores and picking up the kids, a petrol-saving sedan (for less than 5 people) or MPV (for more than 5 people) may be sufficient.

Leasing Car Guide

Important Car Leasing Services

On top of knowing what you want, it is important to know what car companies can offer you as additional service. Avis prides herself in her flexibility and range of services which keeps customers coming back again and sharing their experiences with their friends.

Perks & Diversity

  • Select from a range of brand new cars - from the color to the model and capacity.
  • Existing cars from the Avis fleet are below 5 years and are properly polished before your long-term lease.
  • Unlimited mileage and free access to Malaysia
  • Driving facilities and conveniences such as DVD players, GPS, and child seats are available

Reliable Car Leasing Services

  • Avis is responsible and takes care of all your vehicle maintenance and service needs
  • During car servicing, Avis provides a complimentary replacement. Often, this service is available only at international car rentals with a large fleet.
  • 24-hour breakdown assistance in Singapore and Malaysia
  • The privilege of worldwide Avis car rental discounts for travel tied to free Avis Preferred membership

Length of stay

Short (Less than 1 year): Not known to many expats, monthly rental is actually an option for those who are staying in Singapore temporarily or require a car only for a short period (e.g. a project, family visit). Avis offers affordable monthly rental rates on her existing rental fleet that is less than 5 years old through her program Avis Flex. This option is also perfect for individuals who are interested to test out the company car and services before committing.

Long (More than 1 year): Unlike Avis Flex, Avis Lease gives customers the opportunity to choose between brand new and existing cars that best meet their needs and budget. With the help of a dedicated Avis Lease account manager, some of the key benefits to look out for include:

Complete Car Leasing Solution

  • Convenience - insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance all taken care by Avis
  • High quality, low mileage and well maintained vehicles
  • Diverse choice of economical and premium vehicle to meet your budget
  • Lower monthly payment compared to car rental
  • Lower excesses compared to regular daily car rental or Avis Flex
  • Zero excess options available

Safety & Assistance

  • 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance
  • Replacement vehicle during servicing and maintenance

Additional Advantages

  • Unlimited mileage and unrestricted access into Malaysia
  • Exclusive worldwide Avis car rental discounts for travel and home leave and more.

The Right Price

For a start, car leasing does free you from the financial burden of a heavy down payment and the worries of disposing the car. You only have to pay for the duration you lease. These are the various options to consider for to drive your dollar forward:

Comfortable: Avis Car Leasing offers you an option of a brand new car, which you can choose to suit your lifestyle and family needs. It has established tie-ups with all major vehicle brand, which ensures that you always get a most competitive deal.

Super Saver: Avis Car Leasing allows you to drive a car even on a very limited budget. With Avis' fleet of well-maintained cars under 5 years old, travel comfortably while enjoy savings in the long run.

Corporate: Avis Corporate Leasing allows you to establish a business in Singapore, without worrying about transport for yourself and your employees. Avis has a wealth of experience in this field, helping major corporations organize and manage all their vehicle leasing and rental requirements.

Flexible: Avis Flex is Avis' popular Monthly Car Rental option. Enjoy the flexibility to rent only when you need it. Optimise your every dollar and even consider Weekend/Daily Car Rental only on days you really need a ride.

If you are unsure about certain processes, including driving license conversion, ask the dedicated account manager for help. Take the stress off finding a car and focus your energy on other important matters today.

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