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Looking for a vehicle leasing partner for a shorter term? Avis Lease has selected models of cars monthly that are available for lease for 6 months at a great price!

  • Shorter term commitment - Most existing car leases require minimum 1 year of commitment. Our selected range of cars going out for 6 months give you the option to lease in shorter periods.
  • All running costs covered - Your rates include all the costs for maintenance, road tax, scheduled servicing and replacement of worn-out tyres.
  • Basic coverage included - Basic collision damage waiver and theft protection are included. Options to upgrade coverage tier can be done prior to the lease.
  • 24/7 Mechanical Breakdown Assistance - Drive with the confidence that you have support in the event of a mechanical issue.


  • Limited units of Chevrolet Cruze available.
  • Other make and models may be available. Enquire to learn if any new models are open to this promotion.
  • To reserve the car for lease, a deposit of 1 month needs to be made in advance. Otherwise, Avis reserves the right to offer the vehicle to the next customer who pays the deposit.
  • Offer ends 30 April 2021.
  • Avis standard terms and conditions apply.

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