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Enjoy all the necessary functions & the uniqueness of an Opel Mokka X - all contained within your car leasing budget.

Xciting Drives
With Mokka X, experience fun daily on your city drive in Singapore. Choose from 5 colours; from burgundy, sporty red, charcoal, milky to mocha. Hop on now with 4 more friends.
Xceptional Looks
Crowded car park? Spot your Mokka X with ease with it’s exceptional looks and stand out from the crowd with this German-built ride.

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In terms of looks and appeal, the new Mokka X fits the part of the fun city compact SUV. Equipped with modern-day accoutrements like a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system complete with Apple CarPlay, USB connection and dual-zone electronic climate control, everyone in the family can travel in comfort.
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Cheerful and pleasant to drive, practical space in a compact footprint, good torque Respectable combined 20km/l make it an absolute cost saver, driving your fuel dollar further with a diesel option with a longer driving distance.

  • This offer is valid till 31 Oct 2020. Enquire before this date to lock in this leasing promotional rates for any lease starting before 31 Dec 2020.
  • This offer is not available to private hire drivers (e.g. Grab, Gojek drivers). Only for personal or corporate use. (No PHL decal available)
  • Opel Mokka X promotion offers existing vehicles in fleet (i.e. not brand new) at an affordable price as stated. Price doesn’t include GST.
  • Vehicle colours and units are subject to availability. First come first serve.
  • Available for leasing contracts 1 year or more. After submitting the form, an Avis sales executive will reach out to you shortly. Please provide a valid telephone number and email which we can reach you at.
  • If you are interested in shorter term rentals on monthly basis, select "Less than 1 year" in the form OR write to us at reservations@avis.com.sg stating your rental term and we will return with a monthly quotation shortly.
  • This offer is not available nor stackable with other offers (e.g. $250 cash card offer for other cars - 2 years lease)
  • Drivers are required to be of age (23+) with valid driving license and good credit record.
  • Avis reserves the rights to change, adjust or remove the promotion.