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The Chevrolet Cruze has sophistication, particularly in higher trim levels interiorly and the big touch screen, makes the most of the compact’s plebeian roots. Ride quality is long-haul comfortable thanks to a relatively soft suspension setup that also manages decent levels of grip when cornering.

The Cruze is a solid and substantial-feeling compact car. Its taut, steady and controlled ride makes it one of the smoothest of the small sedans. Inside, it's also one of the quietest small sedans we'd tested. Inside, the nicely-finished cabin offers roomy front seats.

  • This offer is valid till 31 August 2020. Enquire before this date to lock in this leasing promotional rates. Pick up before 15 September 2020.
  • This offer is not available to private hire drivers (e.g. Grab, Gojek drivers). Only for personal or corporate use. (No PHL decal available)
  • Chevrolet Cruze promotion offers existing vehicles in fleet (i.e. not brand new) at an affordable price as stated. Price doesn’t include GST.
  • Vehicle colours and units are subject to availability. First come first serve.
  • Available for leasing contracts 1 year or more. After submitting the form, an Avis sales executive will reach out to you shortly. Please provide a valid telephone number and email which we can reach you at.
  • If you are interested in shorter term rentals on monthly basis, select "Monthly rental (< 1 year)" in the form OR write to us at reservations@avis.com.sg stating your rental term and we will return with a monthly quotation shortly.
  • This offer is not available nor stackable with other offers.
  • Drivers are required to be of age (23+) with valid driving license and good credit record.
  • Avis reserves the rights to change, adjust or remove the promotion.