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Avis Vehicle Lease

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Drive off your own vehicle and leave the rest to us.

Avis Car Lease is your long-term solution to avoid the inconveniences and hefty cost of owning your own car. Say bye to those down payments and large loan amounts. Whether you need a brand new luxury car to travel to your next power meeting, or a simple compact car to meet your budget, or even a logistical van for the weekend, Avis has the vehicle for you.

Avis recognises the yearlong commitment of our customers who are like family to us. That's why Avis Car Lease includes exclusive benefits individuals and corporates can enjoy which makes it so special.

Ongoing Leasing Deals

Sedan car leasing - Up to $1,920 Savings!
Chevrolet Sonic Chevrolet Cruze  
Chevrolet Sonic Chevrolet Cruze  
(UP: $1,350)
NOW: S$1,270
(UP: $1,450)
NOW: S$1,290
Save $960 / Year Save $1,920 / Year  
SUV and MPV car leasing - Up to $2,599 Savings!
Chevrolet Captiva Opel Mokka X Mazda 5
Chevrolet Captiva Opel Mokka X Mazda 5
(UP: $1,880)
NOW: S$1,790
(UP: $1,578)
NOW: S$1,360
(UP: $1,780)
NOW: S$1,650
Save $1,080 / Year Save $2,599 / Year Save $1,560 / Year
*Prices stated requires minimum 1-year leasing commitment.

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Why Lease A Car With Avis?

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All-in-one Car Solution From insurance, road tax, servicing to all the paperwork, we've got you covered. Don't worry about the car's depreciation value or spend late nights arranging for your own car. Exclusive Avis Privilege Enjoy these benefits when you lease with us: unrestricted access to Malaysia, attractive insurance reduction options, free additional driver, Avis worldwide car rental special rates and delivery and collection and more.
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Multiple Car Choices If you’d like to lease a new car straight from the manufacturers, we have it. For greater saving options, choose from existing cars Avis owns. Select the car that best suit your lifestyle and family needs today. Safety as Top Priority Whether it is the child passenger or a mature driver, safety can never be compromised. That's why leave the servicing, maintenance and repairs to us. We’d recommend child seats and safety tips for your drive in Singapore.
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24-hour Car Breakdown Services Avis Car Lease guarantees you peace of mind even in unforeseen circumstances. Our calm and dedicated Avis Fleet team will assist you in the shortest time possible. Dedicated Account Manager To assure you on your journey, our dedicated account manager stands ready to assist you in all things from car selection and insurance to contracts and recommendations.