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General information


The Rental Agreement between Avis and You (Rental Agreement) is made on the date shown on the Rental Document in respect of the Vehicle and is made up of that Rental Document and these Terms and Conditions.

By entering into the Rental Agreement, you also agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out in:

  1. Privacy Collection Statement (Annexure A)
  2. Fees Schedule (Annexure B)
  3. Electric Vehicle Terms and Conditions (Annexure C)
  4. Where you can and cannot drive the Vehicle (Annexure D)

Fees and charges that Avis is entitled to charge without further consent from You other than signing the Rental Agreement are set out in the Pricing Schedule at Annexure B. Additional fees and charges for optional services or Accessories will be explained to You at the time they are offered to You or are disclosed in the Rental Agreement. If You have pre-paid Your Vehicle booking, You have also agreed to the Pre-Pay Terms and Conditions. To the extent of any inconsistency between this Rental Agreement and the Pre-Pay Terms and Conditions, the Pre-Pay Terms and Conditions prevail.

In these Terms and Conditions:

‘Accessory’ means any equipment set out in the Rental Document, including but not limited to as applicable any Global Positioning System receiver or similar device, dash cam or any child restraint, child booster seat or similar equipment;

‘Account’ means the debit card, credit card or Avis charge account to which Rental Charges are to be debited;

‘Additional Driver Fee’ means the fee payable by You to Avis for the addition of an Authorised Driver aside from You;

‘Authorised Driver’ subject to Clause 2, means You and any additional driver who is:

  • Your spouse or de facto partner;
  • Your employer, employee, fellow employee or partner if it is disclosed by You to Avis that the Vehicle is rented for business purposes; or
  • Added to Your rental as an additional driver;

‘Avis’ means National Car Rentals (Private) Limited (UEN: 196100157E), a company incorporated in Singapore with its registered office at 390A Havelock Road, #01-07 Waterfront Plaza, Singapore 169664, trading as ‘Avis Singapore’.

‘Collection Costs’ means Avis reasonable costs of collecting unpaid Rental Charges from You;

‘Country’ means Singapore and Malaysia, but excludes the list of locations set out in Table B of Annexure D

‘Excess Amount’ means the amount shown as ‘Excess Amount’ on the Rental Document;

‘Excess Reduction’ means the product called ‘Excess Reduction’ that You may purchase before Your rental commences to reduce any Excess Amount payable;

‘Festive Period’ means any week (including the preceding and following weekends) in a calendar year in which a Public Holiday falls; 

‘GST’ means any tax levied pursuant to the Goods and Services Tax Act 1993 (National Car Rentals (Private) Limited GST: M200035712);

‘Late Return Charge’ means a single charge payable by You if You do not return the vehicle on the date and by the time shown on the Rental Document or an alternative return date and time as agreed with Avis under clause 6.4(a);

‘Loss Damage Waiver’ means the loss damage waiver described on the Rental Document as LDW which reduces Your financial responsibility for loss or damage to the Vehicle to the Excess Amount;

‘Manufacturer’s Specifications’ means the specifications of the manufacturer of the Vehicle as set out in the Vehicle’s operations manual located within the Vehicle;

‘Overhead Damage’ means damage (excluding hail damage) to the Vehicle during the Rental Period above the top of the front and back windscreens, damage to the box section of a commercial vehicle above the front windscreen or damage to third party property, caused by the Vehicle coming into contact with anything overhanging or obstructing its path, objects being placed on the roof of the Vehicle, or You or any person standing or sitting on the roof of the Vehicle;

‘Party’ or ‘Parties’ means either Avis and/or You, as the case may be;

‘Peak Periods’ means any week (including the preceding and following weekends) in a calendar year in which a Public Holiday falls;

‘Public Holiday’ means any public holiday as determined by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, including, but not limited to, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali and Christmas;

‘Personal Data’ shall have the meaning as ascribed to it in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore; 

‘Pre-Pay Terms and Conditions’ means the terms and conditions relating to when You choose to pre-pay at time of reservation with Avis;

‘Refuelling Service Fee’ means the cost of fuel per litre plus Avis Singapore's reasonable costs associated with arranging to fill the Vehicle with fuel. For cost per litre of fuel rate, please refer to Annexure B;

‘Rental Charges’ means the fees, costs, amounts and charges specified on the Rental Document and Pricing Schedule or payable under this Rental Agreement;

‘Rental Document’ means a legally binding contract made between Avis and You or the person hiring the Vehicle and any Authorised Driver;

‘Rental Period’ means the period commencing on the date shown on the Rental Document and ending on the date that You return the Vehicle to Avis; For Rentals that exceed 30 days continual rental, a new Rental Agreement will be generated each 30 days.  All products opted and paid for at vehicle collection will be rechargeable for each consecutive 30-day rental period.

‘Roadside Assistance Plus’ means the provision of the roadside assistance services described in clause 5.7 for the Roadside Assistance Plus fee specified in the Pricing Schedule;

‘Roadside Assistance Fee’ means a charge for an individual roadside assistance event, as specified in the Pricing Schedule;

‘Singapore Dollars’ and ‘S$’ mean the lawful currency of the Republic of Singapore;

‘Substitute Vehicle Insurance’ means a policy of motor vehicle insurance held by You or an Authorised Driver which covers You or the Authorised Driver while using the Vehicle as a substitute for the Vehicle insured under that policy;

‘Underbody Damage’ means damage to the Vehicle during the Rental Period caused by the Vehicle coming into contact with anything below the bottom of the door seal and the bottom of the front and rear bumper bars where Avis considers, acting reasonably, that the driver of the Vehicle is reasonably at fault for that damage;

‘Vehicle’ means the vehicle described on the Rental Document (or any substitute vehicle), and includes its parts, components, keys, remote opening devices and all Accessories and contents supplied by Avis unless the context requires otherwise;

‘We’ refers to Avis;

‘Windscreen and Tyre Protection’ means the protection cover set out in clause 5.11 and is available at selected locations and reduces your potential liability to Avis for damage to the Vehicle’s windscreen, windows and tyres.

‘You’ or ‘Your’ or Customer(s) refers to the person(s) with whom the Rental Agreement is made; and

‘4WD’ means a Vehicle with a four-wheel drive transmission system that can be engaged in four-wheel drive mode.